Oil Paints:

Large tube -  Titanium White
 (can be Winton Soft mixing Formula or DVP)

"Cool Colors" -

Cad Yellow Lemon
 (Gamblin or  other)

*Permanent Rose

*Ultramarine Blue (also Cobalt blue)

*Viridian (Optional)

 Richeson Ice Blue (Optional)

"Warm Colors" -

*Indian Yellow (Gamblin or Winsor Newton)

Cad Yellow Med

Cad Orange

Cad Red

*Rembrandt Transparent Medium Red

*Magenta or Quinacradone Magenta

*Thalo Turquoise (or Thalo Blue)

*Sap Green

*Rembrandt Transparent Oxide Orange

*Rembrandt Transparent Oxide Brown

*Indicates transparent paints.

Gamsol Thinner or Mona Lisa odorless thinner

Richeson Gray Matters Disposable palette paper 12x16'' in Masterson paint carrier box.

Painting Medium:  One part Linseed Stand Oil, One part Gamsol, Two parts Linseed oil.

Viva Paper towels

Painting knives - small triangle shapes with cranked handle.

Panels or canves:  Ampersand Gessobords, Blick brand, or good quality canvas panels.  Stretched canvases ore fine, too.

Typical sizes to bring:






11x14'' (maximum size)

A panel holder is good to have for the small panels - Carol Marine uses these made for her at http://www.krikegallery.com