''What Color Is The Light?''

Author: Carole Mayne

Here's a complete workshop in booklet form!  Written to explain when the colors of sunlight and artificial light are either warm or cool, is key to expressing visual temperatures in the light and shadow planes in a painting.

This logical color theory and palette organization maximizes the luminosity of each pigments' natural properties.   You will gain new confidence and clarity about the painting process.

Here's what Robert Gamblin had to say about the book:

I appreciate seeing the fruits of your labors. Your organization of the palette is unique and clearly works great for you: your paintings are wonderful. Good luck with the book, I'm sure it will be a big help to your students.  Sincerely,  Robert Gamblin

Jack White, FASO contributing editor and master painter from Texas said:  "Carole, way to go. I will buy your book.  Hugs, Jack"

$16.00 available at  Click the book badge to preview and purchase.  I hope you'll attend a workshop with me for more in-depth instruction and fun learning how to simplify your life!

A guidebook for und...
By Carole Mayne

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''Best Images of Birds of the Week'' - Inspiration With Wings

Author: Carole Mayne

This is a compilation of inspirational text and images I send out to share my husband, Chris' award winning avian photography.   His entry won Audubon's 2012 Calendar Best Images Contest and is featured on the month of June. 

You can view and sign up for bi-weekly "Birds of the Week'', at Chris Mayne Avian Photography on Facebook

''Inspirations With...
By Photography by Ch...

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Hello India!


This beautiful coffee table book has photos from my award winning photographer and husband, Chris Mayne and myself.  We spent one month in India and this collection of faces and places captures the essence of a slice of Northern India.  Created on by our daughter, Chelsea (, it is a stunning display of our images.

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